About Stephanie

Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I am the author of How to Pass The CPA Exam (published by Wiley) and the publisher of several accounting professional exam prep sites.

After a few years in investment banking at Morgan Stanley, I went to work for my client in their Finance Department specializing in internal corporate finance. It was apparent that all senior guys in the department have a CPA qualification, and I figured I better get mine some day, soon. I went ahead to register and study for the CPA exam diligently every weekend and got the CPA certificate within 9 months.

Having said that, it has never been my intention to work as a certified “public” accountant. After 5 years in the internal corporate finance I went to work as Director of strategic planning in a global bank. I am currently running my own series of accounting and finance career websites on exam preparation, resume preparation and job hunting.

This site is an extension of the CPA, CMA and CIA sites that I have been running, due to readers’ strong demands on Enrolled Agent exam information. You can start by checking out the frequently asked question page.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you will join me in the EA exam journey!


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