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Becker EA Exam Prep: Becker Enrolled Agent exam study and CPE options

Although Becker is a leader in accounting exam prep, specific Becker EA Review courses are not available. But if you’re studying to be an enrolled agent or just need to keep your credentials current, Becker can still boost your accounting career. After all, the Becker continuing education courses are some of the best around. You won’t find specific Becker EA review options listed on their website, but many Becker CPE courses meet EA CPE requirements.

So in this article, I’ll discuss how to use Becker for EA review compared to companies like Gleim. Plus, I’ll share a Becker CPE discount, too.

EA Exam Prep

Deciding to go after the enrolled agent designation is a big step in your career. However, your entire journey will go much smoother if you study with the right exam prep. Regardless, passing the SEE (or the Special Enrollment Examination) is one of the major hurdles you need to jump to become an Enrolled Agent.

But the learning process isn’t over when you have your EA in hand. All enrolled agents must complete annual CPE or CE (continuing professional education) to keep their credentials current. So while you’re searching for EA exam materials, you might as well get the details about CPE providers.

Becker Education

Becker is one of the biggest names in professional accounting education. The company has been around for more than 60 years and has grown to have a global presence. In fact, Becker’s study materials are even used in universities, government agencies, accounting firms, and the Big 4.

But still, Becker might be best known for exam prep. For instance, Becker has top-rated prep courses for the CPA and CMA exams. Plus, Becker has over 1,700 CPE courses for accounting professionals.

Becker EA Courses

If you’ve been scouring the internet for a Becker Professional Education EA course, you can stop. Specific Becker Enrolled Agent exam courses don’t exist. Nevertheless, you can still take advantage of Becker’s decades of experience while you’re studying for the EA exam. And once you have your credential, you can use Becker CPE courses to meet your continuing education requirements.

Enrolled Agent Exam questions from Becker

Although the Becker exam prep courses weren’t created for the EA exam, in particular, candidates can still use Becker to study. For instance, the CPA Exam has four sections, and one of those sections (Regulation or REG for short) covers tax issues in-depth. Likewise, the Becker CPA prep course is divided into four sections, and candidates can purchase single sections if needed.

Therefore, an EA candidate could study with the Becker REG course and learn about business law and tax law. This course covers business law, federal tax procedures, and federal taxation of property transactions, individuals, and entities. It also includes several video lectures and 1,150+ multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge.

You should still use an EA prep course to round out your studies. However, supplementing with a Becker REG course is the next best thing to a dedicated Becker Enrolled Agent course. And I have a Becker CPA discount code, too.

Becker CPA courses

In addition to the REG course, Becker has prep materials for the other sections of the CPA Exam. In fact, Becker’s top-rated CPA courses have the best self-guided review in the business.

Becker CPA Review is so highly respected for several reasons. To start, Becker’s e-learning platform, Adapt2U Technology, identifies your content weaknesses and directs your studies to fill those gaps. This method, in short, saves you frustration because you’ll have a flexible study plan that ensures you study everything in time for exam day. Becker also uses SkillBuilder videos. These short videos, led by expert instructors, dive into the CPA Exam’s most difficult problems and show you how to solve them step-by-step.

Plus, Becker now offers LiveOnline classes, live in-person CPA classes, and even one-on-one tutoring. So if you’re considering pursuing the CPA—or even if you’re looking for a more in-depth review of tax issues for the EA exam—this personalized support can be a big boost.

Becker CMA courses

Becker has review materials for the CMA exam, too. And just like Becker’s CPA courses, Becker CMA review is considered to be just about the best. In fact, Becker completely revamped its CMA courses. So now, CMA candidates can benefit from Becker’s proven study materials. What’s more, Becker is a licensed partner of the IMA, or the Institute of Management Accountants, which bestows the CMA designation. And just like the Becker CPA classes, Becker’s CMA courses also have virtual classrooms and the option to study with a personal tutor. Therefore, if you ever want to pursue the CMA certification, definitely check out Becker before studying.

Gleim vs Becker EA review

Gleim EA Review IPassEAexam.comIf you’re considering pursuing your EA credential, an Enrolled Agent exam review course will help you study better and faster. And since specific Becker Enrolled Agent prep isn’t available, you could consider Gleim EA Review instead.

To start, Gleim is the most popular and the best EA review course. Consequently, according to NATP, the National Association of Tax Preparers, it’s also the preferred EA review provider.

Gleim EA Review

Gleim courses come with everything you need to pass the EA exam. For instance, Gleim’s most popular Enrolled Agent course is the Premium EA Review System. To start, it includes several types of study materials (like textbooks, audio lectures, and mock exams) to reinforce the exam content differently. The Gleim Instruct videos are a series of lectures from a noted lecturer at Florida State University.

Gleim also has the biggest test bank of EA exam questions available, which is crucial to prepare for the SEE. In fact, Gleim’s EA courses have 3,500+ MCQs, or multiple-choice questions. And since most EA candidates do the bulk of their studying by practicing MCQs, you’ll need a big test bank to keep you studying. Many users consider the Gleim practice questions to be tough, too, so you’ll be ready for the hardest EA exam questions.

In addition, Gleim’s courses use an e-learning platform called SmartAdapt, which helps users study better and faster. Basically, SmartAdapt tracks your performance as you answer practice questions and take quizzes. Then, it gives you detailed feedback about what content you’re acing and what content needs more study time.

And finally, Gleim users also have access to personal counselors who can help them plan their EA journey and answer questions about taking the exam. Gleim’s online study planner is customizable and will help ensure you complete your studies before exam day.

Since Gleim is one of the best courses available, I actually have an entire article devoted to a review of Gleim EA exam prep materials.

Becker CPE Options

Becker is an excellent choice for enrolled agents who must meet their continuing education requirements.

Actually, Becker has more CPE courses than any other accounting exam prep company on the market. Furthermore, topics are constantly updated, and new courses are added as the accounting field changes. Becker addresses a wide accounting audience and has courses for almost every accounting industry professional. Therefore, Becker CPE courses are good for enrolled agents and CPAs, CMAs, CFAs, and even unlicensed tax preparers. For instance, Becker’s CPA course covers topics like entity tax issues, updates to state and federal tax regulations, and ethics. And Becker now has a CPE compliance tracker, which helps you manage and keep track of the continuing education requirements you must meet for your specific accounting credential.

Becker’s CPE courses have flexible schedules, too. Two formats are available for CPE classes: on-demand courses and webcasts. You can take the on-demand courses whenever you have an internet connection. And the webcasts take place several times a week. In fact, Becker has CPE webcasts at 9 AM, 2 PM, and 7 PM during the weekend. There’s also a daily noon lunch-and-learn course. What’s more, Becker even has weekend CPE courses. And sometimes, partial credit is also available if you’re not free for the entire webcast.

Find the Right EA Exam Prep and CPE Courses

And finally, did you know that Becker actually offers a free trial and free CPE credit? To see if Becker’s flexible offerings fit your schedule, you can register with Becker and get a free CPE course.

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