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Fast Forward Academy EA Review [My 2021 Review + Big Discounts]

The Fast Forward Academy EA exam review course is one of the most popular choices to help candidates prepare for the enrolled agent exam. Fast Forward Academy offers everything you’d expect in an EA course with study software, print or digital textbooks, and a large test bank. However, it also includes some unique offerings like video lectures and a community message board. We’ll break down the aspects of this course so you can decide if it’s right for you.

What Is the Fast Forward Academy Discount?

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Fast Forward Academy EA Course Review 2021

Fast Forward Academy EA Review has built a very intuitive and easy-to-use enrolled agent review course. Some EAs even consider it the best enrolled agent course available. There are many bells and whistles, and the Smart Bundle offers an excellent value to EA candidates.

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EA Course Software

The Fast Forward Academy EA software targets your weak areas. You’ll receive detailed performance reports as you progress through the material. At the beginning of your studies, you’ll notice a bullseye graphic, and your mission is to get all the topical areas to move to the center of this bullseye. This is a helpful visualization of your preparedness, and the design of the course is clear, making it easy to access all the materials you need when you need them.

Additionally, the Fast Forward Academy EA Review goes a step farther by estimating your knowledge of the concepts: the course asks you if you are confident with your answer selection before submitting your response. The good news here is that the course isn’t going to reward you for being a lucky guesser; instead, the confidence ranking uses your responses to inform the course (and the bullseye) of your overall understanding.

Fast Forward EA Test Bank and Practice Exams

The course also includes an extensive Fast Forward Academy EA test bank with 3,063 practice questions. You can go through them randomly or use one of many filters to show you questions you haven’t answered, questions you got wrong, or other options. Additionally, the Fast Focus feature lets you narrow in on the questions that will affect your exam score the most. FFA recommends using this feature after you’ve already completed the questions that come along with each review chapter.

Similarly, you can create unlimited practice exams with the test bank questions. The FFA website claims, “Our exams are as close as you will get to the real Enrolled Agent exam,” though it’s worth noting that other testing companies also provide similar or better simulations.

Video Lectures

fast forward enrolled agent video lecture

Fast Forward Academy used to be the only enrolled agent review provider to offer video lectures. They are led by a popular accounting prep course professor named Brian Hock. However, other EA prep courses have since begun to add video offerings. A few things to note about FFA’s video content:

  • There are approximately 15 hours of video lectures in the course.
  • Brian Hock isn’t an established university instructor like those you may be familiar with if you’ve also used a CPA review course.
  • The videos are relevant; however, they are taken from the Fast Forward Academy CPA review course.

I don’t think any of the above points are cause for concern. What’s more, Brian Hock is a CMA and CIA, founding Hock CMA and CIA prep courses — both of which are excellent options for CMA and CIA candidates. And I’m always happy to see a value-add like videos come with a course that already packs a lot of value into such a fair price point.

The Fast Forward Academy EA Review videos also include side-by-side slides of the most important concepts that Brian Hock highlights. Within the lectures, you can also take notes and view the textbook at the same time, thanks to the software’s “split view experience.” The lectures also include closed-captioning.

Enrolled Agent Study Guide/Textbook

Fast Forward Academy EA makes print and digital copies of its textbooks available. I really like the digital version because it’s “smarter” than any other textbook in an EA course. And by smarter, I mean that you can use digital bookmarks, take notes, build flashcards, and watch lectures – all while using the Fast Forward Academy EA book. No other enrolled agent classes feature this functionality in a digital textbook.

Online Community Message Board

fast forward academy ea review community

Fast Forward also has a vast and active community of other candidates studying for the IRS enrolled agent exam, and you can access this message board anytime from within your course. In this community, you can ask questions about a particular topic; furthermore, you can also see questions others have asked.

Moderators are in the community, and they can provide official answer explanations. But the nice thing is that EA candidates can help out one another. I like this because if you are very confused about a particular topic, you may need various points of explanation before something may make sense. Also, EA candidates can receive extremely timely feedback by utilizing a community approach, allowing them not to get stuck if they can’t get past a difficult concept.

fast forward academy ea exam prep

Fast Forward Academy EA Review Course Offerings

You can choose several options, although the free trial will give you a feel for the EA Online Course. I’ll cover that below.

EA Smart Bundle + Bootcamp EA Smart Bundle

Online EA Course


Print and digital

Print and digital

Digital only

Video lectures smalltick smalltick smalltick
Test bank smalltick smalltick smalltick
Unlimited practice exams smalltick smalltick smalltick
Digital flashcards smalltick smalltick smalltick
Access and updates until you pass smalltick smalltick smalltick
Academic support smalltick smalltick smalltick
Online community smalltick smalltick smalltick
On-demand bootcamp webinars smalltick smallcross smallcross

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As you can see, the biggest difference between the EA Smart Bundle and the EA Online Course is the printed textbook that comes with the Bundle. The EA Online Course has textbooks, but you will only be able to access them from inside the course. Additionally, the EA Smart Bundle includes free domestic shipping on your textbook. What’s more, the Bootcamp option adds a series of on-demand webinars.

The Fast Forward Academy EA Study Guide is also available for purchase separately for $199. I would only recommend purchasing this option if you wanted a supplement. The full courses are the way to go in terms of value. Also, they include access to the innovative curriculum that will provide you with unlimited practice exams. Similarly, printed flashcards are available for $120, but they’re best as a supplement.

Fast Forward Academy does offer a three-day free trial of the EA Online Course. You’ll be able to access the Chapter 1 materials, including the textbook, video lectures, and study questions. Unfortunately, you won’t have access to any practice exams, but you’ll be able to see enough of the materials to decide whether the FFA EA course suits your needs and learning style.

My Fast Forward Academy EA Review Recommendation

Would I recommend this course? And would I use it myself? Absolutely yes to both questions. I am very impressed with what the Fast Forward Academy EA Review team has put together for EA candidates. And while I did find some limitations, I do not think they materially impact the course.

Even the most expensive bundle is half the price of many other review courses, and despite the low price, you’ll have access to all the content you need. Moreover, you’ll have access until you pass with all enrolled agent Fast Forward Academy courses. While there’s no pass guarantee, if you find yourself unsatisfied with your course in the first 30 days, you can return it and receive your money back.

Fast Forward Academy EA Review Discounts

The following discount offers are currently available:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the most popular choice: Gleim or Fast Forward for the EA exam?

When it comes to professional finance exam preparation, Gleim is the bigger name. This provider has been around longer, and it’s made a huge name for itself in CPA test prep. Thus, it is very likely that Gleim is also more popular than Fast Forward Academy when it comes to EA review courses. However, neither company publishes the number of candidates using its review products, so we can’t say for sure.

What’s the pass rate for EA candidates who use FFA?

The Fast Forward Academy pass rate for enrolled agent candidates isn’t published. The company’s CEO, Rain Hughes, has this to say in his Our Pledge to You statement: “We won’t insult your intelligence with unreliable pass rates or twisted statistics.” Hughes says he’d rather let the high-quality instruction and technology speak for itself.

Summary of What Fast Forward Academy EA Offers

Strengths Limitations
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Includes video lectures
  • Has an extensive test bank with 3,500 questions
  • Allows you to focus on your weak areas and tells you when you are ready for the exam
  • Is a state-of-the-art study course with analytical tools
  • The course doesn’t emulate the exam as closely as Gleim EA Review does
  • Lectures do not cover multiple-choice questions
  • Answer explanations are not always included for the incorrect answer choices (unlike Gleim EA Review)

Are you an FFA EA Review fan, or do you have a question about this course? Leave us a comment below!

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