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Surgent EA Review: Adaptive Learning Technology

Have you heard of Surgent EA Review? It’s one of the most exciting offers for review courses for the SEE, the exam you must pass to become an Enrolled Agent. Surgent EA updated its courses in the summer of 2020, adding an Ultimate Pass option that includes one-on-one coaching, a print textbook, and extra tax courses. So take a look at all of Surgent EA’s products before making your choice.

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It’s a relatively new brand on the market, but the underlying technology has been around for 20+ years. Let’s take a look and see why they deserve a 5-star rating.

Surgent EA Review Courses

Surgent EA review runs on a system with adaptive learning technology, meaning that the system is able to identify students’ weaker areas. As you take each quiz, the software will note which concepts you know well and which you struggle with. Subsequently, the program will feed you targeted study sessions and questions on those particular subjects. This is called Surgent EA Exam ASAP Technology.

Additionally, only Surgent EA review offers its ReadySCORE system. When you start the prep course, you will take a diagnostic quiz to see how well you know the material before studying. The program will give you a score to approximate your readiness to take the EA exam. As you study sections of the material and take quizzes, the program will update this score, showing you proof of your progress.

As I mention throughout this site, you don’t need to keep studying what you have already mastered because to do so would be inefficient. Instead, you can use efficient technology so that you can add more points to your score by strengthening the areas in which you need the most help.

Surgent offers three packages of EA review materials to meet your studying needs. All three come with adaptive learning and ReadySCORE technology. However, you receive more study materials and unlimited, until-you-pass access with more expensive packages.

Surgent EA Review Essentials Pass

This is the most basic package Surgent offers. Notice that it doesn’t come with traditional study materials like a textbook. Instead, it is largely composed of practice questions and exams. In addition to A.S.A.P. Technology and ReadySCORE, the Essentials Pass comes with the following benefits:

  • A three-part review course based on SEE content outlines
  • More than 1800 multiple-choice questions with explanations
  • Up-to-date IRS publications
  • Unlimited practice exams
  • Free content updates
  • Pass or money-back guarantee
  • 18 months of access

Surgent EA Review Premier Pass

The Premier Pass package comes with everything in the Essentials Pass, plus the following:

  • More than 25 video lectures
  • Unlimited, until-you-pass access to all materials
  • A digital textbook

Surgent EA Review Ultimate Pass

Likewise, the Ultimate Pass comes with everything in the Premier Pass, plus:

  • A print textbook and flashcards
  • One-on-one virtual coaching
  • Audio lectures
  • Expedited customer support
  • Surgent’s Excel for Accounting Professionals course
  • Surgent’s Ethics for Tax Professionals course

Surgent EA Review Costs

Here are the prices for each of Surgent EA’s three packages:

If you only need study materials for one section of the exam, Surgent EA offers the opportunity to purchase them separately. However, you will have access for only 12 months, and you won’t get the benefit of adaptive learning or ReadySCORE. Each section costs $189, or $17/month.

surgent ea review courseThe Pros and Cons of Surgent EA Review


1. Adaptive Learning Technology

This is the #1 reason Surgent customers choose this course. The goal of this technology is to save time and energy to focus on your weaker areas, and this is where you’ll see your scores picking up a lot of points. Because of this, Surgent is likely the most efficient test prep you can get on the market.

2. Surgent Boasts an 80%-96% pass rate

The home page of Surgent EA’s website claims that Surgent students have a 96% pass rate. Elsewhere on the website, it says that 8 out of 10 students pass. Neither pass rate has been verified by a third party, but they are impressive numbers for sure.

3. Free Trials and Money Back Guarantee

I especially like the Surgent EA free trial because nothing is more solid than giving us the opportunity to try it ourselves. It also shows the confidence Surgent EA’s team has for their products.

Specifically, you can try the software for three days without having to pay anything. Moreover, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase within the first 10 days, you can return it to receive a refund.

Additionally, Surgent EA offers a pass guarantee for buyers of its three packages. To be eligible, you must achieve a ReadySCORE of at least 75 on all three sections and pass a full practice exam. And you must take and fail all three sections of the exam within 18 months of purchase. However, if you meet these criteria, you will be eligible for a full refund.

4. Especially Attractive for Retakers

While I believe the tool is great for everyone, it is especially helpful to those who have already failed the exam. The system helps identify your weaker areas, which is exactly what you need to do to pass in the next attempt.

If you do pick Surgent, ensure you don’t make any of these 3 mistakes while working the Surgent EA course!


1. Fewer Practice Questions

Although Surgent does offer a test bank of 1,800+ multiple-choice questions, other companies offer more. For example, Gleim EA and Fast Forward Academy EA have test banks twice that large.

2. Quite Expensive

At $499 and $699, the Essentials and Premier Passes are in line with what you might expect to pay for other review courses. However, the $999 Ultimate Pass, which includes a print textbook and virtual coaching, has a hefty price tag. Additionally, Surgent is no longer the only company to offer adaptive learning technology.

On the other hand, Surgent EA offers to save you a great deal of time by making your studying more efficient. If you weigh adaptive learning technology heavily in your decision-making process, the time and effort saved during your studies could greatly outweigh the higher price tag. To save yourself some money on your EA review, check out the EA course discount page, and find an offer that can help to offset the costs of exam prep.

Surgent EA Review Reviews

It is difficult to find many truly independent Surgent EA reviews from actual customers. However, multiple review sites list it as the #1 or #2 choice for EA exam prep courses. For instance, Reddit user ThatPomegranate4 says:

For students considering taking the EA exam, there are many resources out there that can help students pass the exam. Surgent’s, like mentioned here, is a great program. I used it myself … and I would use it again in a heartbeat if I were to do it again.

Surgent EA Exam Prep FAQs

Is Surgent EA good?

Overall, Surgent EA is a well-reviewed course with an impressive pass rate. Many students have credited their success on the EA exam to Surgent. Everyone studies differently, so Surgent may not be right for everybody. However, if you like the idea of adaptive learning technology and want to study more efficiently, this may be the best course for you.

Is there a Surgent EA Review app?

No, the Surgent EA prep course doesn’t currently offer an app. However, it is accessible on tablets, phones, and other mobile devices.

How long should I study with Surgent EA Exam review?

The amount of time you need to study will vary by person, of course. However, the company states that its customers spend an average of 46.8 hours of Surgent EA study time before taking the exam.

Surgent EA Exam vs. Gleim: which is better?

As previously mentioned, Surgent is not the only company that offers adaptive learning technology – Gleim EA now does so as well. Gleim’s SmartAdapt technology serves a similar purpose as the A.S.A.P. program, helping you identify weak points in your knowledge. However, Gleim doesn’t have anything like ReadySCORE.

In comparing Gleim vs. Surgent EA, Gleim comes out on top in number of practice questions and price. Surgent EA review comes out on top in number of full practice exams, length of money-back guarantee, and video lectures. Gleim is considered the more comprehensive course, but supposedly, Surgent EA students spend about half as much time studying as Gleim students. Think carefully about which features matter most to you before making your choice.


Surgent EA review has an overall pass rate of between 80% and 96%. This means that more than eight out of ten students pass, which sounds pretty good to me. If you’d like to try the software out before committing to a large purchase, sign up for the free 3-day trial.

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