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The TaxMama® online enrolled agent course from Eva Rosenberg, EA, MBA, is a popular way to study for the EA exam. The TaxMama® course teaches tax law and practice from the most basic level, so it’s good for anyone needing a comprehensive review. Therefore, I’m providing a quick overview and evaluation of this EA review. Plus, you’ll also find a TaxMama® discount. Disclosure: The I Pass Team may earn a small amount of compensation if you purchase from our links; our team uses these revenues to maintain the site and produce awesome free content just for you!

About Eva Rosenberg TaxMama

Basically, everyone calls Eva Rosenberg the TaxMama® because she IS the tax momma. In fact, Eva has been running TaxMama.com® since 1999. Besides this online venture, she is a freelance columnist and has had a Dow Jones MarketWatch column for nearly 15 years. At the same time, she teaches a tax course at CCH CPE Link, an online CPE course provider. She is also the author of Small Business Taxes Made Easy by McGraw Hill. Additionally, she has authored many books, including an Amazon bestseller about the TCJA (the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017).

TaxMama Enrolled Agent Course Information

Course Framework

The TaxMama® course is unlike most other enrolled agent review courses. If you don’t have an established background in tax, this is the EA prep course for you. In contrast, other less expensive enrolled agent courses assume you only need a limited review because you already have experience as a tax professional. But if you need the materials taught to you and want to learn the tax laws from the ground up, consider Tax Mama.

What’s more, TaxMama® even comes with a “dedicated mentoring portal” that you can access even after passing your EA exam. TaxMama® also gives you advice for starting your own tax practice. So if you need guidance once you’re out in the field, a typical review course will not be sufficient.

TaxMama Test Banks

Most enrolled agent courses include one test bank where you can work on practice questions and review the related answer explanations. Sometimes, candidates can run through all of the sample questions in their test bank fairly quickly, though. In the end, you can start reviewing the same questions over and over if your test bank is small.

Enrolled agent exam questions from TaxMama

So how is TaxMama® different? First, the TaxMama® course comes with multiple test bank options. Actually, her course integrates both the Gleim EA and Lambers EA test banks. While it may seem overwhelming to have access to so many test banks, you don’t need to worry: you’ll pick the test bank that works best for your learning style.

If you don’t have a strong tax background, you may feel more at ease with some parts of the Gleim EA test bank. If you do have a tax background, though, the Lambers EA test bank might be more your speed. Lambers EA leads the way with extensive answer explanations that visually communicate the math reasoning behind the quantitative questions, too. With two go-to options, you can pick the bank that works best for you at that time. And you won’t get stuck reviewing the same questions, either.

TaxMama’s Lifetime Access

A standard EA review course normally only gives you a few months to access online materials. For example, it’s not uncommon for a course to have just 12 to 18 months of access. And if you’re not ready to pass the EA exam yet, then you need to purchase a course extension.

If you’re lucky, you can find a course with access until you pass the Enrolled Agent exam. But after you’re done with the exam, the course expires.

You can use your TaxMama course for life

By contrast, TaxMama’s® course allows you to come back at any point. For instance, you can learn about changes made to the tax code and participate in community discussions with other enrolled agents. In fact, you can even ask how to handle client questions.

Furthermore, if you’re going to be starting your own tax practice as an enrolled agent, the TaxMama® EA Exam Review Premium Course should be your go-to. After all, when you have a business, you’re bound to have client questions each year. And if you purchase TaxMama’s Premium Course, you can discuss your client’s questions and get help resolving specific issues…even AFTER you pass the EA exam.

TaxMama EA Exam Review Lectures

The TaxMama® EA review course has 14-25 live lectures per exam part. Moreover, you can ask your questions in real-time as the lecture is presented. And if you’re not able to watch the live lecture, an on-demand recording is always available for your review. The good news is that you can view the videos over and over again. Similarly, you can also just view specific parts of the videos if you need a review of a specific area.

TaxMama Lectures

In addition, the TaxMama® EA exam course includes 12 live Final Review sessions (4 sessions per exam part). These sessions walk you through questions you’ve never seen before and help you answer them. In this way, when you’re sitting at the exam with that deer-in-the-headlights expression on your face, you can remember the tricks you learned. These Final Review sessions are also recorded for later review.

TaxMama Lectures

On the other hand, if you’d rather listen to the lectures, you can download an MP3 file of the recording.

You get video, audio, written materials, and test banks – all included in the course.

TaxMama Enrolled Agent Bonus Courses

TaxMama® adds some bonus courses, too, in order to give you the most from your EA exam prep.

Making a Living: TaxMama Enrolled Agent bonus course #1

This special two-hour course is designed to teach students how to:

  1. Become more useful to your employer and get a raise.
  2. Build a profitable tax practice that doesn’t consume your life. For example, students learn where and how to attract clients that are right for them – and what services will command top fees.

Tax Updates from Eva Rosenberg TaxMama

At least twice a year, TaxMama® offers tax update courses. They are included for free to TaxMama® students and family members as well.

TaxMama Enrolled Agent Continuing Education

No other EA review course offers continuing education as part of its tuition fee. Whereas with TaxMama®, you’ll get continuing education credit for watching the live lectures. Consequently, your course includes up to 80 hours of continuing education credits. What’s more, this EA CE counts toward your CPA, EA, and AFSP annual requirements. This course provides all the credits you need, including ethics and a bonus tax update.

For instance, you can use this CE to get your Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) record of completion – even if you don’t quite become an EA by the end of the year. Therefore, with your AFSP completion, you can boost your EA professional status from the very beginning!

Or, if you become an enrolled agent earlier in the year, you can come back to watch the live classes, and that will count as your CE.

Hint: You can’t count any CE that you earn prior to becoming an EA as EA CE. As a result, you might have to do a bit of planning on this one.

Course Options from TaxMama

TaxMama® offers two different course options: a Premium version and a self-study course. The biggest difference between the two is that the Premium version offers lifetime access. Additionally, the Premium version includes both test banks. Conversely, the self-study option includes only 600 questions, plus discounts on test banks from the major EA review providers. The self-study version still includes all the video and audio recordings from the live lectures.

TaxMama Enrolled Agent Premium Course Benefits

1. Enrolled agent live classes + online

TaxMama® is one of the few EA exam prep companies to offer enrolled agent classes online. Furthermore, all interactive online classes are held via video conferencing over the Internet. Your course includes:

  • at least 40 hours of  live sessions per part
  • 35+ hours of live final review

The online classes and final reviews are recorded and available anytime, too, in case you can’t attend a class.

2. A community of students in your TaxMama course

Besides the live sessions, you can also participate in online discussion forums. Additionally, TaxMama’s students can form study groups online. The TaxMama® forums are one of our absolute favorite features!

3. Includes Gleim EA and Lambers EA materials

TaxMama® uses the most widely used EA review test banks from Lambers EA and Gleim. Although this might seem strange at first, you should know that Eva Rosenberg is an instructor for Lambers, too. So TaxMama® users benefit from having several test banks available to them.

4. 80 hours of continuing education are included

A few other EA courses include continuing education (CE) with their packages. However, most other courses only provide 4 hours of CE in their offerings. Nevertheless, you’ll be required to complete CE once you become an enrolled agent. So we love that it’s included in your TaxMama® package.

5. You can ask client-related questions

It’s rare that a review course will answer any questions unrelated to their exact materials. For instance, Gleim EA won’t answer theoretical questions, and they certainly won’t answer questions related to your clients. That’s how TaxMama® differs: you’ll be able to ask questions for as long as you have access (which is forever — unless you unsubscribe).

TaxMama Premium Course Negatives

1. The TaxMama Enrolled Agent course is fairly expensive

TaxMama® EA review is the most expensive enrolled agent course. But since the course includes so many materials and support, it’s priced fairly for all you get. Furthermore, we also love the additional feature of being able to ask client-related questions. And because of this, we think the TaxMama® course is worth it. However, less expensive EA review options are available if your budget is too tight for a TaxMama® course.

Of course, also remember that with our TaxMama® discount link, you can save on your purchase.

2. Troublesome setup?

Understandably, it’s your own responsibility to make sure your computer works with Tax Mama’svideo conference software. Also, you’ll need a headset for the online discussions, too. You can buy a decent one for about $25, though.

If you have technical difficulties, TaxMama® will not help. Eva makes this policy very clear on her site. Regardless, she does provide the toll-free number for the customer reps of the software company who can help with issues.

Technical glitches typically aren’t an issue. But do understand that Eva isn’t a tech support expert.

3. The limitation of live classes

One of the best things about online self-study is that you can study any time you want. Although, if you want to participate in the enrolled agent classes online in real-time, you must follow the window of TaxMama’s® classes. The window is typically May through November each year. Of course, the TaxMama® self-study course, in general, is available year-round. In contrast, though, the live classes only occur in this window. Still, you can check the anticipated class dates online.

There are obvious benefits of having live classes, but I want to point out that there are also limitations.

On the other hand, if you miss a live session, the lectures are recorded, and you can watch them anytime.

TaxMama EA Course Discounts & TaxMama Coupon

These discounts are currently available for TaxMama’s® courses:

Just click the links above to get started. The discount will automatically apply!

FAQs about Tax Mama

Can a Tax Mama EA Course Help Me Become an IRS Enrolled Agent?

Absolutely! In fact, an EA tax course from TaxMama® is a great way to get started on your path to becoming an enrolled agent. And actually, Eva Rosenberg claims that her classes can get you ready for the EA exam in 6 months.

Are Tax Mama Enrolled Agent Live Classes Available?

Yes! Live classes are available, but not in a classroom setting. Instead, these enrolled agent classes are online. This option to participate in live enrolled agent classroom training is one of the reasons that we love Tax Mama.

How Do I Recover My TaxMama Login?

Don’t stress if you lose your TaxMama® login. When you go to the login page, you’ll find a “forgot your password?” link in the bottom right corner. Click the link, and you’ll be guided through a process to recover your login.

Do You Have a TaxMama Coupon Code?

Yes! Simply click on our link to get your TaxMama® discount. You don’t need a TaxMama® coupon code—your discount will automatically appear in your cart once you click on the link.

Where Can I Find More Info About How to Become an Enrolled Agent?

Actually, this site has everything you need to become an enrolled agent! We have articles about meeting the enrolled agent requirements plus info on the EA exam, pass rates, and more. Plus, we have exclusive EA review discounts to make becoming an EA a little easier on your wallet.

Our Tax Mama Course Recommendation — TaxMama Reviews

TaxMama® is the perfect course for someone trying to learn tax and set up (or become a partner in) a tax practice. You’ll learn tax from the ground up with these enrolled agent classes. And as an added bonus, you’ll get your enrolled agent designation along the way. This course offers benefits that are unique! So if we were going to open a tax practice and become enrolled agents, we’d certainly take the TaxMama® course.

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